Revimex, BVBA - Company in Hamont-Achel, Belgique - Allbiz
    Revimex, BVBA - Company in Hamont-Achel, Belgique - Allbiz
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    Revimex, BVBA - Company in Hamont-Achel, Belgique - Allbiz

    Revimex, BVBA, Hamont-Achel

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    Revimex, BVBA, Hamont-Achel
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    Сompany address: Hamont-Achel, Belgique
    Улица: Michielsplein 13
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    De l’entreprise Revimex, BVBA

    Revimex bvba was the current manager, Noel tribes, founded in 1991. Revimex started as an importer of electronic wheelchairs, but grew into a supplier of mobility equipment, accessories and special parts. The growth and expansion of our range is mainly resulted from the demand from our dealers. Dealers with skilled and recognized "wheelchair providers" who already rely on our years of strong service, experience and competence. As a wholesaler, we are daily serving our customers from our location Overpelt. Quick and short lines make sure you join us from beginning to end quickly and correctly is helped by our own employees. The long-term relationships with our suppliers we are already involved in the development of the products. So we can always meet the specific needs and requirements for the Belgian market. Quality, functionality, design and price, together with the reliability of the producer for us decisive.
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    Catégories du vendeur Revimex, BVBA

    8Marchandises pour personnes handicapées

    2Transport des enfants

    1L'équipement d'automobile à instruments

    1Scooters, Cyclomoteurs

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